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Helleo soap comes in six different blends, suitable for all skin types and for use on face, body and hair.
Additionally, each blend has a more refined character, based on its particular ingredients and texture.

Mild exfoliating soap
Ideal for cellulite treatment

Highly nourishing soap
Ideal for damaged skin and hair

Deeply moisturising soap
Ideal for dry skin and hair

Skin tonic soap
Ideal for hair loss and dandruff

Highly refreshing soap
Ideal for oily skin

Extra mild soap
Ideal for babies and pregnant women

mini soaps
helleo Mini Soaps

helleo soaps are also available in 30g (1 oz).
They are cute, they fit everywhere and you can carry them wherever you are.

Mini soap 6-pack

Mini soap 6-pack

All six blends of helleo mini soap in one beautiful package, ideal for vacation, business travel, souvenir or business gift. Contains 6 soaps 30gr (Spirulina & Green tea, Prickly pear & Aloe vera, Honey & Thyme, Pomegranate & Red wine, Black beer & Rosemary, Chamomile & Calendula).

Wooden soap dish - Helleo

Wooden soap dish

A unique soap dish made from accoya wood, ideal for the proper storage of soap during consumption, 10x8x2 cm. The helleo soap dish is highly resistant to moisture and offers the perfect conditions for a long lasting bar. Accoya wood is ecological and environmentally friendly and it is produced from sustainably managed sources, without any harmful chemicals or impregnations.

Four different types of Gift sets composed of helleo soap dish and a random combination of helleo soaps.

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[2 large helleo soaps, 1 handmade wooden soap dish, 1 combo pack of 6 mini helleo soaps]

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